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     Ryan Fogal is a film composer and cellist from Orange County, California. He began playing music at the age of nine, and throughout his primary and secondary schooling performed with a vast array of ensembles: symphonic orchestras (such as the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra), chamber ensembles, and musical pits as well as a percussionist in wind ensembles, drumlines, and jazz ensembles. 

     At the age of eighteen, he scored his first short film, and in the same year began attendance at Berklee College of Music to further his knowledge in film scoring. During his time as a student, he has worked on a total of fourteen films.

     As a composer, Ryan primarily draws from the orchestral landscape in which he grew up in while often infusing modern electronic elements; moreover, he is also versed in a variety of styles ranging from jazz to different world musics. His years in symphonic orchestras has also given Ryan the experience to authentically recreate the sound of a live orchestra.

     While growing up, film scores, such as those of John Powell and John Williams, helped to inspire Ryan's love of music. With his music, Ryan seeks to create scores that, when in conjunction with film, become an experience greater than either art form alone.







Favorite Animal: Red Panda

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chip

Hobbies: Photography, Cooking, & Gaming

Pets: A Cat Named Izzy

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